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About Me

The Past

Atlum Schema started as a project in 2004 when I wrote and recorded my first album, The Final Scene. It started as a way to fill a creative gap that had emerged after old bands moved separate ways post-school. I installed Cubase and Reason on my rather large desktop PC. And between watching DVDs sent via post from LoveFilm and staring at the iTunes visualisations, I produced the collection of songs that turned into the first album.

Later that year I got myself a loop pedal and played some solo gigs. Soon enough the Atlum Schema name had turned into my music-making pseudonym.

I have published five studio releases: The Final Scene | Atlum Schema LP | One World Less | Year 0 | Arrow of Time EP

Over the years I've shared a stage with The Enemy, Noah and the Whale, Lanterns on the Lake, Two Door Cinema Club, Post War Years, David Knopfler, Duke Special, Cocknbullkid, and Son of Dave.

The Present

The Arrow of Time EP is my 5th studio release. It has reflected my side gig as an undertaker, and is seasoned with a rawness and vulnerability that I've experienced in my life over the past few years. It is a concept that brings together both personal reflections at the same time as asking questions about the state of the world more widely.

I reunited with Ben Munday (guitars and bass), Luke Roberts (drums), and Claire Russell (trumpet), and recorded the EP with John Rivers at Woodbine Street Studio.

The Future

I love a good challenge, and over the past few years one of the biggest challenges independent musicians and songwriters have faced is how to make a sustainable living from our art. One of the best platforms I've discovered is Bandcamp, especially with the "Backstage" feature, which I have used to build a small but growing number of supporters who want to fund the ongoing creation of my music. In return I share behind the scenes ideas, exclusive releases, and insights into the songwriting process, and other things that are of interest to followers.

I feel that this is going to play an ever growing part of my future as a songwriter. Things have changed hugely since I first started making music, but I embrace the challenge rather than lamenting any sense of losing what has been before.

"Exceptional. The lyrics and vocals absolutely shine...simply one of the strongest, darkest, most original lyrics I’ve heard all year"
Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music)
"Amazing dramatic electro-political folk."
The Guardian

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