Sunday 11th November 2018 (London)

Had a great first night out on tour with Luke Williams. We kicked things off at the Hair of the Dog at the Spice of Life in Soho. And what a lovely evening it was.

Shaun Litton is doing an amazing job through his work at Substance Gigs. I would describe him as the perfect sound engineer. Chilled out and unafraid of anything you put before him. Responsive, calm, and friendly. Exactly what you need when you’re playing somewhere you’ve not played before. Oh, and his live mixing and production is perfect too. Thanks Shaun.

It was a great night to be a part of. Not least because I got to enjoy some remarkably beautiful music. Starting with Luke.

Luke James Williams

I’m so excited to be on tour with him, because it means I get to get fully acquainted to his new songs. But also, he assures me that there will be a few different tracks making appearances along the way. He just gets better and better every time I see him. I very much enjoyed watching George and Harry exchange approving glances at the interesting key changes and chord progressions. Like the one in this song:

George Boomsma

Then we were treated to George Boomsma and People Poems. They are both from Leeds. Well, actually it turns out that Sophie is as well, but has recently moved to London. She’s played with Harry (People Poems) at a previous gig…in Copenhagen. They never played together in Leeds, ironically.

George played first and was joined by Harry for a song. His set was mind blowingly beautiful. The Nick Drake influence is clear to hear, as is that of Jeff Buckley. But that said, he’s very much doing his own thing, and I can see him going from strength to strength over the next few years. The variation and delicacy of his vocals, again brings a depth to songwriting that is quite hard to do justice to in these words I’m writing. Definitely someone I will be busting a ball to see live again.

Sophie Worsley

Sophie Worsley came on after I played, and treated us to a beautiful set of songs from behind the grand piano. (Incidentally I kind of regret not doing a song from there. Shame to miss such an opportunity!) Sophie’s songwriting is impeccable. Her delicate vocals dance above the interesting chord movements like sensitive figure skaters on ice. Unbelievably one of the songs she played had been written a few hours before the show. Something I would never have guessed.

People Poems

People Poems is the solo project of Harry Orme. The perfect way to round off the evening. He is funny, entertaining, and an incredible musician/songwriter. His voice is really interesting and has a quality to it that just sucks you in and has you hanging off every word. People Poems is definitely an appropriate description. Top rate lyricist, with an ability to speak into your experience and soul, but also throwing unexpected surprises into the mix. And an uncanny ability to end a song with an absolute killer line that sticks with you.

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